Friday, January 9, 2009

Apple iSaaS with iWork 09

Apple has decided to get into the Software as a Service business (sort of) with and iWork 09. This puts them in direct competition with Google Docs and Microsoft Office Live. This doesn't seem like a very Apple move. Unlike Google and Microsoft, for now, is a way to share documents, spreadsheets and presentation slides with other people. Kind of like iWeb and MobileMe for business information. Some people have asked "well maybe Apple is doing this because that is where software is moving?" to which I would respectfully answer "Apple doesn't do things because that is where things are moving. If that were the case, Apple would have announced two new Netbooks at Macworld or earlier. Or at least a tablet Mac by now." I think is a play by Apple to pave the road to bring iWork to Windows. I'll allow to that simmer in the ole Noggin Crockpot(TM) for a moment. Yes, I did say Apple wants to bring the iWork suite to Windows and no I did not uncontrollably repeat the first syllables of words. Apple has already jumped into Windows programming with the iPod, iTunes, Safari for Windows and Mobile Me. could ultimately be the gateway for developers (and gateway drug for non-Mac users) for a native Windows version of iWork.

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