Saturday, August 2, 2008

Proper Spelling, Grammar and Word Choice

It really bugs the shit out of me when I see professional (and by professional I mean there is an editor and it is ad-supported) sites that CANNOT get the following correct:

  • you your you're
  • to too two
  • there their they're

For example, let's take this excerpt from the article Send Business Cards to an Inbox or a Mobile Phone on the ReadWriteWeb:

Once your done creating your profile card, share it with friends via email or embed it in your blog.

Quite obviously the "Once your done..." is supposed to be the contraction, you're meaning you are. As in "Once you're done..."

I know that the education in the United States has many areas where it is lacking (our government funds "wars" over education) but for fucking Christ on a bike's sake, get that fixed! NOW!

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